…one whole package

HSK-Rohrleitungsbau plans, designs and installs pipework and pipework systems in high and low pressure ranges.


We have developed a special dimensioning system which permits us to prefabricate a large portion of the pipework so that the final installation work on site is reduced to a minimum.


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics
  • Special-purpose materials

Planning and design

  • Development of pipework plans using 2D or 3D rendering
  • Isometry / Flow schematics / Calculations
  • Rated diameters from DN 6 to DN 1200
  • Rated pressures up to PN 400
  • Beverage pipe compliant with DIN 11850

Prefabricated pipework

According to isometric drawings or your plans. We install the prefabricated pipe sections on site and erect your whole plant. Your plan a project, make available the material and we provide the welders.

Safety / quality

Non-destructive material testing, penetrating radiation test, paint penetration test. Acceptance inspection by a qualified person or certified inspection authorities.

Maintenance / Disassembly

  • Maintenance and repair of your pipework system
  • Disassembly and disposal of decommissioned pipeworks

Sample applications

  • Pipework networks

    including for heat carriers: steam, hot water and thermal oil

  • Pipework for
    • compressed air, condensate, gas, …
    • tank farms, water treatment plants, bitumen systems
  • District heating pipes / cooling systems

    serpentine pipes for ammonia or nitrogen

  • Pipe bridges / product lines

    pipework for beverage lines e.g. in the food industry or the beverage industry

  • Double walled pipe

    for heating or safety facility

  • Welded and compression joints